What’s your ‘go to’ comfort food?

What exactly is comfort food?

How would you describe consolation food ?
Is it something that ’ randomness related to your childhood or your family, or something that has a cultural connection ?
These are equitable some of the questions posed in Chapter 2 of our discussion run, Eating their words : The literature of food .

Defined as food that gives aroused ease to the one eat it, these tend to be front-runner foods of childhood, or linked to a person, position or time with which the food has a positivist association. Source

In our notes we were given a few quotes that say something similar :

Anneli Rufus, in the on-line diary Salon, describes it as a food that gives us a “ rush of sensations that make us feel safe, calm and wish for….a complex interplay of memory, history and genius chemistry. ” Food can be “ the friend who never disappoints or ditches us ”. And according to Cari Romm in The Atlantic magazine, ease food is “ anything that a person uses to feel well ” .


It ’ mho interesting to do a search for ‘ ease foods ’ to see what comes up ! We besides had a number of books written about comfort foods from a diverseness of well known chefs, which shows that it ’ s a ‘ real thing ’ .
We had a great discussion about what our ease foods are and the associate between science, habit and familiarity .
We learnt that some comfort foods apparently have a physiologic footing – carbohydrate and starch can spur the free of serotonin which is known to increase a common sense of well being, whereas salty foods like crunchy potato chips can spur oxytocin, the ‘ cuddle chemical ’ ( and the one that is prevailing in breastfeeding to release the ‘ let-go ’ sensation ) .

Quality Research

I even interviewed some of my syndicate on our holocene weekend together, about their ‘ go to ’ comfort foods, ( I take my research badly ! ) and their responses included – mashed potato with lots of gravy, sweet foods like pastries, childhood favourites like butterscotch pudding, custard, rice pudding and only a few note piquant foods and one said steak !
Some comfort foods seems to have a guilty edge to them like chocolate or wine .
I liked this quote included in our notes :

possibly it ’ s because in this crowded, hard populace, we have convinced ourselves that seeking quilt is itself embarrassing, as it if makes us weak. We are ashamed to crave the piquant, starchy, soft, buttery and odoriferous, because we tell ourselves we are excessively fresh to want what the judgmental would call junk… Anneli Rufus

Question: Do you think we try to fill our emotional emptiness by eating?

Lemon meringue pancakes - comfort food for brunch?Comfort food for brunch?

Food, comfort and families

Our talk led us onto early subjects like how some cultures have particular foods for eating at a funeral in a special ordering and why we constantly have such a big bedspread at the wake up. We are golden to have as one of our members, a womanhood who grew up in Poland, and she shared many stories of the importance of food at versatile times. We were enthralled with the history about sharing poppy-seed rolls as a visitor at a funeral while she was travelling in Europe. Does anyone know of the connection between poppy-seeds and funerals ?
alike the sitting around the table as a class sharing dinner. It ’ second often not the food we remember as being comforting, it ’ s the shared mealtimes, the talk that weaves around the postpone and the sense of family. We all agreed this is something that needs to continue for the well being of family life and studies have shown the benefits of sharing mealtimes together .
Our readings included a fishy mail about a young newly wed couple from 1932 and their first meal as a married couple after they returned home from their honeymoon ! Oh how times have changed ! !
Another read shared the memories of the lunchtime ritual of amerind school students where they ’ five hundred share their lunches and learn about the different religious and cultural backgrounds as they ’ d try unfamiliar foods. I ’ m surely we all remember sharing lunches with our friends besides !
We shared lots of memories – I can remember making mince pies with my grandma and great aunt every Christmas and the fun we had together – to this day when I eat a mince pie I return to those memories .
One penis rundle of her proceed sexual love of condense milk and another shared how they were given a pipe of digest milk each Christmas. I can remember finding empty tins of digest milk under my daughters ’ beds 🙂
I think back to the many Rotary Youth Exchange students we have hosted in our family and when asked what they miss about base, they constantly say the food. They miss their ‘ own ’ breads, the preference of their mother ’ s cook, the treats…and I always have a cook session with them where they teach me how to cook one of their front-runner dishes. It ’ s a fun time where we explore each early ’ mho cultures and enjoy the results of the session. It besides helps them stay in touch with their mind of quilt food and home .

Question: Is your comfort food associated with your childhood?


In this, our latest get-together, we again had a assortment of readings provided, notes and discussion activities. One of the members takes notes as we talk and collates these into a report which is emailed to our lector. The report is read and commented on ( not marked, it ’ s not an appointment ! ) and this workweek we delighted in hearing the lecturer ’ randomness thoughts and responses to our first touch. She sounds like a distribute of fun !
My first post The literature of food – yes that ’ s a very thing came about in reception to my fellow group members challenging me to write a stake about food, as :

a ) I ’ meter not known as a food blogger and
boron ) I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually enjoy cooking that much
In Chapter 1 we discussed Writing about food and science, the language around food, how we communicate taste, texture and whether we live to eat or eat to live.  It was a bang-up discussion and my position had a kind of responses from readers keen to share their thoughts 🙂
I ’ ve immediately been challenged to write a post after each meeting to summarise my thoughts and reflect on the discussion that takes topographic point over an prolong lunch with the group of friends. In case you ’ ra interest, my inaugural post tells the history of our discussion group through WEA – it ’ s like a distance department of education path we undertake with a group of friends while we eat lunch in concert ( quite fitting as this class is all about food ). other topics we ’ ve done include scandinavian cultural greats and Women travellers and writing. It ’ randomness constantly interesting to read, discuss and learn from each other in a loosen environment .

Next chapters

The next chapters of the course include the comply topics and I ’ ll keep you updated on our discussions .
Chapter 3: Literary food: Fiction and Non-Fiction
chapter 4 : historical food
Chapter 5: Eating – recipes and reviews
chapter 6 : food in the future
Comfort food - lemon meringue pancakes Comfort food

Last words

I love this snip from our WEA notes about Australians setting up cafes in New York city, I ’ meter regretful I don ’ thymine know the exact reservoir :

One of the most obvious signs of the Australianness of these cafes comes not from the interior decoration but the color of the food. american english breakfasts tend to be dominated by shades of beige : omelettes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, waffles, pancakes, french goner. australian cafe breakfasts…are bursting with plangency : brilliantly coloured micro herb, orange salmon and, everywhere, the unmistakable green of smashed avocado…

Notice I haven ’ triiodothyronine mentioned Vegemite but I will if you want me to ! It ’ randomness something that ’ s an acquired taste 🙂

Question: Do you have any thoughts to add on comfort food?

happy eating – think about what you ’ re presently eating and if it has any association to family or your cultural setting 🙂
To answer my own question : my ‘ go-to ’ comfort food depends on how I ’ megabyte feel – sometimes I need salty potato chips ( wrinkle ) and other times I need chocolate/sweet things 🙂
Over to you……
Deb twenty
Sources : Please note many of the quotes used in my post came from the WEA Discussion Group Programme Eating their words : The literature of Food, D224 by Dr Jeanette Delamoir .
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