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Chicken soup, a common classic comfort food that is found across various cultures Comfort food is food that provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to person, [ 1 ] and may be characterized by its high thermal nature, senior high school carbohydrate level, or simple homework. [ 2 ] The nostalgia may be specific to an person, or it may apply to a specific culture. [ 3 ]

definition [edit ]

The term comfort food has been traced back at least to 1966, when the Palm Beach Post used it in a report : “ Adults, when under hard aroused stress, call on to what could be called ‘comfort food’—food associated with the security of childhood, like mother ‘s poach egg or celebrated chicken soup. ” [ 4 ]

psychological studies [edit ]

Consuming energy-dense, high calorie, high fatten, salt or boodle foods, such as methamphetamine skim, cocoa or french fries, may trigger the advantage system in the homo brain, which gives a distinctive pleasure or irregular feel of emotional acme and relaxation. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] When psychological conditions are present, people much use comfort food to treat themselves. Those with negative emotions tend to eat unhealthy food in an feat to experience the moment gratification that comes with it, even if alone ephemeral. [ 7 ] One study divided college-students ‘ comfort-food identifications into four categories ( nostalgic foods, indulgence foods, appliance foods, and physical comfort foods ) with a special vehemence on the deliberate choice of particular foods to modify temper or effect, and indications that the medical-therapeutic function of particular foods may ultimately be a topic of mood-alteration. [ 8 ] The identification of particular items as comfort food may be idiosyncratic, though patterns are detectable. In one study of american english preferences, “ males prefer warm, hearty, meal-related comfort foods ( such as steak, casseroles, and soup ) while females rather preferred comfort foods that were more bite related ( such as chocolate and internal-combustion engine cream ). In summation, younger people preferred more snack-related quilt foods compared to those over 55 years of long time. ” The study besides revealed potent connections between consumption of consolation foods and feelings of guilt. [ 9 ] An article, “ The Myth of Comfort Food ” asserted that men tend to choose these types of savory consolation foods because they remind them of being “ pampered ” or spoiled, while women choose snack-related foods because they are associated with low amounts of work and less “ killing. ” It besides suggested that women are more likely to reach for insalubrious foods in times of stress due to more weight-conscious mindsets. comfort food consumption is seen as a response to emotional stress and, consequently, as a key contributor to the epidemic of fleshiness in the United States. [ 10 ] The provocation of specific hormonal responses leading selectively to increases in abdominal fat is seen as a form of self-medication. [ 11 ] far studies suggest that consumption of comfort food is triggered in men by positive emotions, and by negative ones in women. [ 12 ] The try effect is particularly pronounced among college-aged women, with merely 33 % report goodly consume choices during times of emotional stress. [ 13 ] For women specifically, these psychological patterns may be maladaptive. [ 14 ] A therapeutic habit of these findings includes offering comfort foods or “ happy hour “ beverages to anorexic geriatric patients whose health and choice of life otherwise decreases with reduce oral inhalation. [ 15 ]

By region [edit ]

A partial tilt by region of comfort foods around the global .

Afghanistan [edit ]

Comfort foods in Afghanistan are :

  • Aushak – stuffed dumplings and sauce
  • Bolani – filled flatbread[16]
  • Borani Banjan or Borani-e-Banjan – baked eggplant with yogurt sauce
  • Borani Kadoo or Borani-e-Kado – sweet and savory braised pumpkin with yogurt sauce[17]
  • Chainaki –
  • Chalaw or Challow – steamed rice with spices
  • Kabuli palaw or Qabuli Pulao – steamed rice with raisins, carrots, and lamb[17]
  • Karahai – meat cooked in a traditional karahi pot
  • Kebab – grilled skewered meat[16]
  • Korma Gosht or Qorma-e-Gosht – braised meat[18]
  • Mantu – meat-stuffed dumpling[16][18]
  • Naan – flatbread[17]
  • Sabzi Palu – spinach (sabzi) with spices
  • Sher Berinj – rice pudding[19]

Australia, New Zealand and South Africa [edit ]

Pavlova garnished with fruit and cream Comfort foods in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa may include :

Canada [edit ]

A plate of authoritative poutine at a Montreal restaurant .

egyptian empire [edit ]

  • Basbousa – sweet unleavened cake
  • Falafel – fried bean ball
  • Fatteh – meat on cooked rice with crisp flatbread
  • Ful medames – bean stew
  • Hawawshi – pita bread stuffed with flavored meat
  • Kushari – casserole of rice, macaroni, and vegetables
  • Macarona béchamel – baked pasta dish with ground meat and béchamel sauce
  • Mulukhiyah – soup or stew made with mallow leaves
  • Roz bil khalta – brown rice with nuts, raisins and meat bits.

France [edit ]


Hong Kong [edit ]

India [edit ]

indonesia [edit ]

Some democratic indonesian foods are considered to be consolation food, normally served hot or warm, and either soupy or with a soft texture. Most of them are high in carbs or fat, such as conge, fried rice, and noodles which are high in carbs ; while meatballs and grilled skewered meats contain fair amounts of fatty and salt. Comfort foods frequently are the kind of food that provides nostalgic sentiments, as they much called masakan rumahan ( family cook ) or masakan ibu ( mother ‘s dishes ). In Indonesia, the warm and soft texture of bubur ayam is believed to help people to recover during convalescence. [ 39 ] Sayur sop or sup ayam is indonesian chicken soup that often sought during influenza. The warm soup contains chunk of wimp, bits of potato, carrot, and common park attic served in chicken stock. [ 40 ] Some indonesian comfort foods are traditional indonesian food and some are derived from chinese influences. For some Indonesians, specially those who are abroad, comfort food might besides be a certain brand or character of indonesian instant noodle, such as Indomie Mi goreng. [ 41 ] indonesian quilt foods include :

Italy [edit ]

Japan [edit ]

Philippines [edit ]

  • Adobo – A salt and vinegar marinated meat preparation with different variations all around the country.[57][58]
  • Arroz Caldo / Lugaw – A savory rice porridge, often served as breakfast, on rainy days, or when someone is ill.[59][60]
  • Batchoy – A noodle soup with a variety of meats.[61]
  • Filipino spaghetti – Sweet and savory spaghetti
  • Ginataan – A coconut cream-based dessert with bananas, sticky rice balls, sago (tapioca balls), taro and langka (jackfruit).
  • Bulalo – A beef bone marrow soup.[60]
  • Champorado – A chocolate rice porridge, sometimes served savory (as with tuyô)[24][62][60]
  • Dinuguan – A pork offal stew.[62]
  • Halo-halo – A cold crushed ice dessert dish of mixed sweets.[57][61]
  • Kare-kare – A stew with the components of ox tripe and ox tails in a yellow, peanut-rich sauce. It is regarded as a local variation of Indian curry.[58]
  • Lumpia – Spring rolls with a vegetable or meat filling.[58]
  • Lomi – A hot noodle soup with distinctly thick egg noodles.[60]
  • Pancit – Fried noodles, often served during birthday celebrations.[58][63]
  • Puto – Steamed rice cake[62]
  • Sinampalukan – Sour chicken soup[64][65]
  • Sinigang – A sour soup of different varieties with meats or fish[57][60][61]
  • Sopas – A creamy soup (usually made with chicken) with macaroni elbows.[60][66][67]
  • Suman – Glutinous rice cake[61]
  • Tsokolate – Hot chocolate drink[60]

Poland [edit ]

Steamed pierogi, with fry onions on top Some polish comfort food include :

Puerto Rico [edit ]

Some Puerto Rican consolation foods include :

soviet union [edit ]

russian comfort foods may include :

  • Bliny – pancakes
  • Dressed herring – layered herring salad
  • Golubtsy – cabbage rolls[24]
  • Kasha – porridge
  • Kotlety – meatballs
  • Kholodets – savory gelatin
  • Kvass – fermented drink made with bread
  • Napoleon – layered pastry
  • Okroshka – cold vegetable soup
  • Olivier salad – vegetable salad
  • Ponchiki – yeast-raised pastry bun
  • Pelmeni – meat-filled dumpling
  • Pirozhki – meat-filled bun
  • Rassolnik – pickled soup
  • Shashlik – skewered and grilled cubes of meat
  • Shchi – cabbage soup
  • Solyanka – spicy and sour soup
  • Syrniki – fried quark
  • Ukha – clear, fish-based soup
  • Vareniki – filled dumplings (pierogi)

Spain [edit ]

Taiwan [edit ]

turkey [edit ]

Mantı, with yogurt and loss pepper sauce In Turkish, comfort food is closest in meaning to Turkish : Anne yemeği, “ mother ‘s dish ”, specially in terms of providing a nostalgic feel, or turkish : Ev yemeği, “ home dish ”. Some turkish comfort foods are :

ukraine [edit ]

ukrainian comfort foods includes, but are n’t limitied to :

  • Borscht — beetroots soup, also there are few variants:
    • Green borscht
    • White borscht
    • Cabbage borscht
  • Deruny — potato pancakes with sour cream
  • Holubtsi — small, medium or large rolls with prepared rice
    • Cabbage roll
    • Grape leaves roll
  • Kasha — kind of porridge
  • Kholodets —
  • Kolach — sweet, round shaped pastry
  • Mlynci — pancakes.
    • Nalysnyky — pancakes with fillings
  • Pampushky — small savory or sweet yeast-raised bun
  • Pyrizhky — backed or fried small donuts with different (mostly fruits or meat) fillings.
  • Syrnyky — fried quark pancakes, garnished with sour cream
  • Varennia — jam
  • Varenyky — Filled dumplings cooked at boiling water
  • Vinehret — Beans and potato salad colored with beetroots

England [edit ]

english ease foods include :

United States [edit ]

American comfort foods may include the pursuit foods :

Germany [edit ]

german comfort foods may include the succeed foods :

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