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Section French English Duty Kitchen brigade Chef de cuisine Head chef Responsible for overall management of kitchen. They supervise staff, and create menus and new recipes with the assistance of the restaurant manager, make purchases of raw food items, train apprentices and maintain a sanitary and hygienic environment for the preparation of food.[11]: 32

Sous-chef de cuisine

Deputy Head chef Receives orders directly from the chef de cuisine for the management of the kitchen and often represents the chef de cuisine when he or she is not present.[11]: 32

Chef de partie

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Senior chef Responsible for managing a given station in the kitchen where they specialize in preparing particular dishes. Those that work in a lesser station are referred to as a demi-chef.[11]: 32


Cook This position is an independent one where they usually prepare specific dishes in a station. They may be referred to as a cuisinier de partie.[11]: 32


Junior cook Also works in a specific station, but reports directly to the chef de partie and takes care of the tools for the station.[11]: 32


Apprentice Many times they are students gaining theoretical and practical training in school and work experience in the kitchen. They perform preparatory or cleaning work.[11]: 30


Dishwasher Cleans dishes and utensils and may be entrusted with basic preparatory jobs.[11]: 32


Pot and pan washer In larger restaurants, takes care of all the pots and pans instead of the plongeur.[11]: 33 Saucier Saucemaker/sauté cook Prepares sauces, warm hors d’œuvres, completes meat dishes and in smaller restaurants may work on fish dishes and prepare sautéed items. This is one of the most respected positions in the kitchen brigade.[11]: 32


Roast cook Manages a team of cooks that roasts, broils and deep fries dishes.[11]: 32


Grill cook In larger kitchens this person prepares the grilled foods instead of the rôtisseur.[37]: 8


Fry cook In larger kitchens this person prepares fried foods instead of the rôtisseur.[37]


Fish cook Prepares fish and seafood dishes.[11]: 33


Entrée preparer Prepares soups and other dishes not involving meat or fish, including vegetable dishes and egg dishes.[11]: 32


Soup cook In larger kitchens, this person reports to the entremetier and prepares the soups.[37]


Vegetable cook In larger kitchen this person also reports to the entremetier and prepares the vegetable dishes.[37] Garde manger Pantry supervisor Responsible for preparation of cold hors d’œuvres, prepares salads, organizes large buffet displays and prepares charcuterie items.[11]: 30


Spare hand/ roundsperson Moves throughout kitchen assisting other positions in kitchen. Pâtissier Pastry cook Prepares desserts and other meal end sweets, and in locations without a boulanger also prepares breads and other baked items. They may also prepare pasta for the restaurant.[11]: 33


Prepares candies and petit fours in larger restaurants instead of the pâtissier.[37]


Prepares frozen and cold desserts in larger restaurants instead of the pâtissier.[37]


Prepares show pieces and specialty cakes in larger restaurants instead of the pâtissier.[37]: 8 – 9


Baker Prepares bread, cakes and breakfast pastries in larger restaurants instead of the pâtissier.[11]: 33


Butcher Butchers meats, poultry and sometimes fish. May also be in charge of breading meat and fish items.[37]


Announcer/ expediter Takes orders from dining room and distributes them to the various stations. This position may also be performed by the sous-chef de partie.[37]


Prepares the meal served to the restaurant staff.[37]

Garçon de cuisine

Performs preparatory and auxiliary work for support in larger restaurants.[11]: 33 Dining room brigade

Directeur de la restauration

General manager Oversees economic and administrative duties for all food-related business in large hotels or similar facilities including multiple restaurants, bars, catering and other events.[11]: 33

Directeur de restaurant

Restaurant manager Responsible for the operation of the restaurant dining room, which includes managing, training, hiring and firing staff, and economic duties of such matters. In larger establishments there may be an assistant to this position who would replace this person in their absence.[11]: 33 Maître d’hôtel Welcomes guests, and seats them at tables. They also supervise the service staff. Commonly deals with complaints and verifies patrons’ bills.[11]: 33

Chef de salle

Commonly in charge of service for the full dining room in larger establishments; this position can be combined into the maître d’hotel position.[37]

Chef de rang

The dining room is separated into sections called rangs. Each rang is supervised by this person to coordinate service with the kitchen.[11]: 33

Demi-chef de rang

Back server Clears plates between courses if there is no commis débarrasseur, fills water glasses and assists the chef de rang.[37]

commis de rang

Commis débarrasseur

Clears plates between courses and the table at the end of the meal.[11]: 33

Commis de suite

In larger establishments, this person brings the different courses from the kitchen to the table.[11]: 33

Chef d’étage

Captain Explains the menu to the guest and answers any questions. This person often performs the tableside food preparations. This position may be combined with the chef de rang in smaller establishments.[37]

Chef de vin

Wine server Manages wine cellar by purchasing and organizing as well as preparing the wine list. Also advises the guests on wine choices and serves the wine.[11]: 33

chef sommelier

In larger establishments, this person will manage a team of sommeliers.[11]: 33

chef caviste

Serveur de restaurant

Server This position found in smaller establishments performs the multiple duties of various positions in the larger restaurants in the service of food and drink to the guests.[11]: 33

Responsable de bar

Bar manager Manages the bar in a restaurant, which includes ordering and creating drink menus; they also oversee the hiring, training and firing of barmen. Also manages multiple bars in a hotel or other similar establishment.[11]: 33

Chef de bar


Bartender Serves alcoholic drinks to guests.[11]: 33

Dame du vestiaire

Coat room attendant who receives and returns guests’ coats and hats.[11]: 33


Valet Parks guests’ cars and retrieves them when the guests leave.[11]: 33