9 Best Electric Pizza Ovens (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Pizza is a staple in the culinary world. It ’ south been around for centuries and it will credibly be around everlastingly. That ’ randomness where the best electric pizza oven comes in. It has many unlike settings and may be used as a grillroom or for cooking other foods besides. The oven is comfortable to use and clean up after, making it perfect for busy families on the function !
One of the most crucial aspects of pizza is how it tastes, but there are other factors as well, such as how it looks and how easy it is to make. In this write, we ’ ll hash out what makes a beneficial electric pizza oven and why you should consider one that uses infrared heating engineering alternatively of older style convection or even gasoline stovetop ovens .
The best electric pizza ovens are a versatile as the pizza they create. They ’ re an excellent addition to any kitchen and can be used for a wide variety show of cooking applications. From baking muffins to roasting chicken, there ’ sulfur nothing these ovens can ’ t do !
We will help guide you through different considerations when purchasing an electric pizza oven. We ’ ll besides go into what makes some of these products better quality than others and list the circus tent 9 best-rated models on Amazon according to customers who actually purchased them !

What is an Electric Pizza Oven?

An electric pizza oven is a fudge appliance that uses electricity to cook pizza. There are several types of electric pizza ovens including countertop appliances, built-in ovens, and wood-fired ovens which all have their own unique features. Countertop appliances are small appliances that sit on your countertop and can cook up to a 12″ pizza while the larger built-in models make it possible for you to bake a pizza astir to 24″. wood burning ovens burn woodwind logs from the outside of the unit which causes an even distribution of inflame from the inside out making it possible for them to cook a pizza 30″ or more in size .

  • Electric pizza oven pros one of the benefits of owning an electric pizza oven is that they produce very even temperatures throughout the cooking cycle which makes it easier to attain perfect results.
  • They are also typically easy to use and maintain.
  • Most electric pizza ovens operate on standard household current (110v) so they can be plugged into any wall outlet; however, there are some exceptions to this rule – make sure you check your product manual for exact specifications before plugging an appliance into a power source!
  • One of the main benefits of owning an electric pizza oven is that they make it possible for you to enjoy homemade pizzas, baked goods, and roasted meats any time you want; whether it’s during the holidays, special occasions, or whenever the mood strikes.
  • Some countertop appliances even come equipped with rotisserie functions which you to roast meat like chicken or beef.

The Benefits of an Electric Pizza Oven

An electric pizza oven is a countertop appliance that allows you to make a arrant personal pizza every clock time. The oven uses a heat chemical element, not a flame, which means it will cook your homemade or boughten crust fair the way you like it-crispy on the bottom and doughy in the middle .

  1. Cooks pizzas in 5 minutes or less! No more waiting over an hour for your pizzas to bake in the oven when the delivery takes 30 minutes.
  2. You can control temperature and cooking time so you get the perfect crispy crust every time!
  3. It’s small and doesn’t take up much space so it is very portable and easy to store. 4) Great for use outdoors on your patio!
  4. The oven has its very own stand so pizzas are elevated to allow airflow under the pizza.
  5. Most models have a large built-in handle that makes it easy to move from countertop to tabletop, even with an uncooked pizza inside.

The benefits of an electric pizza oven are not limited to cooking times and easy portability. They are besides quite cheap compared to standard gas or charcoal grills that are required for outdoor pizza. You can find high-quality electrical pizza ovens on-line here. There is besides no want for expensive wood to make them work since electricity works just arsenic well ( if not better ). Restaurants all over the state use these ovens because they are more energy-efficient, easy to use, store, and uninfected .

List Of 9 Best Electric Pizza Oven Reviews


Commercial Countertop 3000W 14” Electric Pizza Oven Double

  • It’s easy to get ready for your next big party with this Commercial Countertop 3000W 14” Electric Pizza Oven. This pizza oven has a large capacity, capable of handling pies up to 14 inches in size! Plus, it’s made from premium food-grade stainless steel that is durable and safe for use in commercial kitchens. It comes with dual temperature control that lets you adjust the heat level without any hassle at all!
  • It has a durable food-grade stainless steel housing that complies with food hygiene standards for extra peace of mind. With dual temperature control buttons, you can easily regulate the heat from 122 ℉ – 662 ℉ to make sure your dish comes out gorgeously cooked every time.
  • This Commercial Countertop 3000W 14” Electric Pizza Oven will satisfy all of your needs for great performance at high-caliber food prep. You can cook two pizzas simultaneously with this double-layer electric pizza oven that has interior lighting and a visible glass window perfect for checking on foods without opening the door. The highly efficient ventilation dispenses heat better than most models out there which means you’ll be able to finish cooking too quickly to simply wait it out idle in an oven or worse make changes halfway through because you were impatient.

2. Wisco 421 Pizza Oven

  • Enjoy homemade pizza on the go with Wisco 421 Pizza Oven. Simply put in your favorite toppings and press start. The cooking surface reaches 375 degrees Fahrenheit and has a timer for minutes and seconds. Remember to always consult the product guide before use of this oven!
  • This is not your typical folding stovetop pizza maker, but light yet durable stainless steel that easily carries you from coast to coast or around your neighborhood without effort. No more eating cold microwaved pies when you could be eating warm tasty pizzas at home or anywhere else we deliver.
  • Achieve your best crust and toppings ever with power, accuracy, and consistency at 1000 ft./ minute through the adjustable thermostat. Plus you won’t have to wait long for it to cook. The 8″ wide steel grilling surface has a stainless steel coating that reflects heat so food cooks faster than other model pizzas!
  • The Wisco 421 Pizza Oven includes an 18-inch cooking surface with a full-sized backguard that maintains optimal rear clearance, angle brackets for secure installation, and a heavy-duty nylon Cordura carrying case. This oven stays at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2 hours before needing to be reloaded. Its durable design is made of stainless steel – perfect for feeding large families or catering events.

3. Professional Series PS75891 Electric Pizza Oven

  • The Professional Series PS75891 Pizza Oven Baker and Frozen Snack Oven let you cook a delicious 9″ inch pizza in just six minutes! Plus, it comes complete with a 30-minute timer to remind you when your food is ready.
  • The oven has a removable pull-out crumb tray so clean-up is easy too. This oven also features professional quality stainless steel construction with a cool-touch handle for use right on the kitchen countertop — no installation required! It measures 20 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches deep by 16. 75 inches high, and operates at 1500 watts power.
  • The steel body has cool-touch handles for easy transport to anywhere that will be well served by this rugged but efficient pizza oven. Made of UL-listed material, the oven is safe enough for use around children; there’s even a cool-touch handle that will keep little fingers from getting burned when taking out freshly-baked goods.

4. Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven & Pizza Maker

  • The Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven & Pizza Maker is perfect for all your oven-less needs! Food can easily be heated up to 28% more quickly than with an average oven and you don’t have to worry that it won’t get done in time. Use the adjustable temperature settings depending on what you’re heating up or cooking so everything comes out just right.
  • With the Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven & Pizza Maker, cooking just got faster and easier. This toaster oven has enough room for four slices of toast or pizzas up to 9 inches in size. The energy-saving design uses 75 percent less energy than a typical kitchen oven when reheating precooked frozen chicken nuggets.
  • It features adjustable temperature settings with an included bake and broils pan so you can cook pizza, roasted vegetables, baked goods, or anything else your family loves!

5. VEVOR Commercial Electric Pizza Oven

  • You can now make delicious hot crispy pizza at home with this VEVOR Commercial Pizza Oven 2200W Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Countertop. The control panel is easy to use and its durable, long-lasting design assures a high-quality pizza oven for all of your baking needs.
  • The VEVOR Commercial Electric Pizza Oven is perfect for pizza lovers with four unique ways to cook delicious food. Using incredible technology, this stainless steel oven offers 60 minute cooking time and an adjustable temperature range from 122℉ to 662℉. With the independent temperature controls, users can create crispy crusts or softer chewy dough just by turning the knob. Its easy-to-use buttons offer many different options to the cooking experience, without making it difficult for newcomers.
  • The VEVOR Commercial Pizza Oven 2200W Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Countertop is perfect for any family! Fitted with a heating element that can last up to 60 minutes, this countertop oven also comes with two temperature knobs for those who want pizza or other dishes at their desired temperature. The sleek stainless steel exterior makes it compatible in any kitchen and easier to store.
  • The heat emission holes are sure to let you have great heat dissipation, with no worries of anything catching on fire or burning your food! You can cook up to 14-inch pizzas that won’t be too big for the machine.

6. Goplus Stainless Steel Electric Pizza Oven

  • The Goplus Stainless Steel Pizza Oven, Electric Pizza Maker is perfect for those on-the-go nights. Simply remove it from the box, set it up on any surface and start baking a delicious homemade pie! Easy to use with one easy touch slider cooking control button that allows you to bake a frozen pizza from start to finish in less than 15 minutes, no preheating is required.
  • Features dual warming elements that allow heat distribution evenly throughout the oven drawer for quick and even cooking times without needing time-consuming preheat time between pizzas so there’s never an issue of cold cardboard ever again.
  • With enough room for up to 12” pizzas at a time and dual heating elements that quickly cook frozen pies from start to finish in just under 15 minutes, no preheating is needed. The removable crumb tray makes cleaning simple so you don’t have to worry about messy spills when cooking again tomorrow! This oven is equipped with three different baking times based on crust size or topping preferences so there is something
  • The temperature sensor on this stainless steel electric stove plugs into any standard outlet, but if you want to use it outdoors or if there are multiple outlets nearby, then no worries! With its built-in 120V 20ft cord, this portable oven makes placement delightfully easy.

7. GoPlus Electric Pizza Oven

  • The perfect tool for pizza aficionados and bakeries. This commercial oven uses standard household current, so no special equipment is needed! Cleaning out the crumb tray may be messy but necessary to keep it from malfunctioning. The timer will shut off automatically after setting a time between 8-12 minutes depending on how many toppings you’re using, crust size, and personal preference!
  • This best electric pizza oven has the capacity to cook up to 12 large pizzas at one time. With its removable crumb tray, it is easy for you to clean your crusty grease off in the sink. What’s more, this pizza oven does not need preheating, so it can be started when there isn’t much time left before mealtime! It takes less than 15 minutes to bake a frozen pizza too, which is perfect for when you are in a rush because of school or work!

8. Nostalgia RTOV2RR Multi-Functioning Retro Convection Toaster Oven

  • The RTOV2RR Nostalgia oven has a large 0.7 cu. ft. capacity for cooking up to 12 slices of bread or larger items such as pizzas or casseroles, so you can enjoy your larger meals with ease! With the multi-functioning oven’s convenient settings and adjustable temperature, you’ll be able to find just the right baking experience every time!
  • The indicator light will let you know when this unit is on and you can set the temperature out of four stages: Upper, Lower, Upper & Lower, and Off making it easy to cook just about anything. This large capacity oven can fit up to 12 slices of bread or two 12 inch pizzas and its versatility allows you to prepare casseroles, steaks, cookies – the list goes on.
  • The clear-view window allows you to see how the food is doing, while features like a quality wire rack make it easy to place an item on a lower level for even more versatility. This high temperature-resistant oven also includes cooking pans that are removable for quick cleanup, making each night way more enjoyable right from the start plus easy peasy!

9. Calphalon Quartz Heat Countertop Toaster Oven

  • The Calphalon Quartz Heat Countertop Toaster Oven features a full set of baking and cooking accessories, a porcelain enamel interior that retains heat for even browning, and a quartz heating element that provides 40% more even heat. The Extra-large capacity can fit a 12″ Pizza or five slices of bread while its 11 preset cooking functions offer options to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • With intuitive control offered by the High-contrast LCD display, it’s an oven you’ll want in your kitchen. Stainless Steel makes for long-lasting durability with ease of maintenance necessary thanks to its dishwasher-safe enameled metal interior. Protect your investment by purchasing this modern countertop oven today!
  • It has 11 preset functions for fantastic results, so whether you are trying out new recipes or have become a culinary pro, this toaster oven should be your go-to device. With its extra-large capacity and features like preheating capability that take only 8 minutes during the high-performance model, this toaster oven will help you take your cooking skills up a notch. The included accessories allow for versatility in cooking-literally anything from cookies to pizza can be made within seconds with just one machine!

Things yo Consider When Buying Your New Electric Pizza Oven

Are you thinking of buying an electric pizza oven ? You are not the only one. These days there seems to be a swerve, lento catching on, toward healthier corrode. And what better way for an individual to eat healthier than by preparing meals at home alternatively of opting for take-out or processed foods containing ingredients that may or may not have been heated up with chemicals ?
This being said, it ’ s only natural that people would opt to invest in the equipment they can use to cook healthier meals at home. such is the case with electric pizza ovens. And indeed, these cook appliances are great if you want to make homemade pizza or bread. Plus, they are identical easy to operate .
hera are some factors that will help you decide which electric pizza oven is right for you :

Type of Pizza Oven

There are several types of electric pizza ovens depending on where you plan to put them. There are countertop ovens that can sit on a kitchen counter, there are besides modest portable brick pizza ovens and last, there is a big stand-alone brick pizza oven – typically used in restaurants .


Most of the ovens have tons of incredible features, including timers thus your pizza are always baked to paragon. Most besides include a pizza peel for easy transfer in and out of the oven. Most models offer obliterable wire or upstanding pit trays that can be placed directly on your stovetop to add another cook element when you want the crispiest crusts. The best electric pizza oven will keep an even temperature throughout the entire bake process and many come with extra accessories like pasta makers and grill racks.


The capacity of the oven will determine how much pizza you can make at once. Some modest brick or countertop models are lone 14″ in diameter while others are up to 22″ in diameter. The size will besides determine the act of other items you can make at once, like garlic boodle or even a whole chicken !


Depending on how often you have people over or if it will be just the syndicate every so frequently, will determine how many pizza at once you need. If it ’ south something more casual or would largely be used by family members or friends who come over entirely occasionally, then a smaller countertop version may be perfect. however, if you love entertaining guests and hosting parties with pizza that are ‘ to die for, then you may want to consider a larger grill with more cook quad .


An electric pizza oven is a great addition to any home with an active family. It can help you teach your children how to make pizza and spend quality clock together as a family. Make delightful homemade pizza on game day, for dinner parties, or on showery days when the whole family is at family. You can even use it on Thanksgiving good morning to make breakfast pizza before you sit down for turkey dinner ! If you plan on using the oven often, consider one with extra features like a rotisserie, broiler, and convection heat .

Cooking technique

Depending on if you like crispy or delicate dough will determine which is the best pizza oven for you. The answer again lies in the size of your oven and personal preference, but if you love crispy dough then lookout for an electric pizza oven that has stone walls ( can be double stacked ) and comes with high-temperature settings. however, if you ’ re not besides finical about how it turns out, then any electric pizza oven will do !


portable means that the appliance can well be moved around whenever necessary. This is most useful when looking at countertop models ( for renters ) but if you like entertaining and moving your oven around to unlike spots on the patio, then this is a have that may be worth considering .


Most electric pizza ovens have a temperature setting from 250-500 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that if you ’ rhenium looking for something crisp, you ’ ll motivation to use a higher temperature to ensure it ’ s cooked correctly. If you prefer a softer crust then you can plainly reduce the temperature. The best models will besides have early heating elements like convection and rotisserie which ensures your food is evenly cooked and browned .

Convection Oven

This feature adds an extra element of cooking as this consists of both convection and beaming heat baking methods combined. In this method acting, hot atmosphere circulates around the food a well as an open fire or upstanding plate on top. This provides maximum results because both sides are being heated at once to give you a crisp crust and perfectly cooked toppings .


Since most of these pizza ovens have stone walls, obliterable trays, and high temperatures, they can be a snatch unmanageable to clean. You may want to prepare yourself for some extra elbow dirt if not done correctly. however, most models come with easy-to-clean removable trays which makes it a unharmed set easier ! Consider looking at the oven details closely before deciding on one purchase. Most electric pizza ovens death a hanker time even with heavy practice so it ’ s an investment that will last years. just make sure that the party offers a guarantee or guarantee in the future in case any problems occur with your appliance .
Caring for an electric pizza oven is very similar to other types of ovens and ranges from easy to difficult depending on the type of exemplary that you purchase. When cleaning out the tray, be tire of scraping off any excess food as this can damage the inner-working mechanism .


The electric pizza ovens that we stock here at Aussie Outdoor Kitchens range from $ 400 with the smallest models through to $ 1400. Due to our competitive prices and free transportation Australia-wide, we hope this will help you save some money and keep your budget in check !
There are many factors to take into retainer when purchasing an electric pizza oven, but hopefully, with these tips, we ’ ve helped make the decisiveness easier for you .

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to cook a pizza in an electric pizza oven?

meet the pizza on a lightly floured baking sail or thin pizza peel. Turn down your oven and preheat it for 8 minutes before placing the harrow of dough into its stone, then cook to paragon !

2. Can you cook other things in an electric pizza oven?

early than pizza, we bake our garlic knots and early adust goods in the oven. We besides fire it up to make cookies, ” he says with a smile on his face as if revealing an inside joke only known by him and those who work here .

3. Can you bake bread in an electric pizza oven?

Alfa ovens are known for baking bread a well as pizza, and their fast heat steel dome makes them great at optimizing cooking time. There ’ mho a model available in many different size options that will suit your needs !

4. How do you make pizza in an electric pizza oven?

You can either place your pizza on the top rack of an electric oven, future to resistors if that ’ s what you have and bake it for a short-change sum of clock ( possibly 10-15 minutes ) before moving on to sticking pans with ingredients in them. But if not ? then during preheating phase make certain to put all non-oily foods like bread or vegetables up high near ceiling height so they don ’ t get hit by smoke while broiling ; this will give off some delectable olfactory property !

5. What wood do you use in a pizza oven?

Hardwoods have broad leaves like trees and last longer than softwood. The best examples are ash, beech, sycamore birch, or oak Pine is the second choice for a pizza oven but hardwoods provide better results with cleanliness being one reason why they ’ ra superior.


We ’ ve covered a fortune of land in this write, but now it ’ s time to wrap up. The bottom line is that pizza is an authoritative staple for many people and will credibly be about everlastingly. That means you need the best electric pizza oven possible to make your customers happy !
You can find one with plenty of different settings so you ’ re able to cook other foods besides. It besides has easy cleanup features which are perfect for busy families on the go who want something tasty without having to put much sour into it ! One thing we haven ’ thyroxine touched on even is how well it tastes or how fine-looking it looks when finish fudge. Make certain you choose an oven that provides these two things vitamin a well if they are significant factors for your family .
We ’ ve covered a bunch of ground here and we hope that this blog stake has helped you navigate the many considerations and factors to consider when purchasing an electric pizza oven. We will help guide you through different considerations when purchasing an electric pizza oven and we ’ ll besides go into what makes some of these products better quality than others. last, we ’ ve done all the hard work and compiled a list of the top 9 best-rated models on Amazon according to customers who actually purchased them !

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