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Pizza Delivery is an sequence from Season 1 .

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The Krusty Krab makes its very first ( and entirely ) pizza delivery of the Krusty Krab Pizza after closing time. Despite that they do not serve pizza Mr. Krabs when hearing obviously a big price offer invents a pizza by mashing Krabby Patties into a tall mallow, pepperoni like pizza and putting it in a box. Squidward is told to deliver it ; as he wants to merely go home he asks SpongeBob to do it but Mr. Krabs misinterprets this and says “ Great estimate … take him with you ! ! ” SB and Squidward fix to deliver the pizza.

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however, Squidward despite the obvious fact that SB still can not drive yet, orders SB to drive and directs him to merely “ Back it up. ” When he tries to shift into reverse to back up the car he backs up but when he stops he and Squidward are already in the center of nowhere or a desert the following good morning and the car is out of accelerator. During this driveway SB reads the words of switch and gear as korean speech. Squidward in actual repent and anger kicks the boat but ends up causing the boat to somehow get the energy to move once more and it drives off back to the Krusty Krab where it came from. SpongeBob suggests to deliver the pizza on foot, and they start walking across the desert to try to find help. SpongeBob starts singing a song about the Krusty Krab Pizza, and how it is the best pizza on the sea floor. Hours later they get whirled into a hurricane/tornado, and Squidward tells SpongeBob to let go of the pizza, but the pizza saves their lives when SpongeBob transforms it into a chute. SpongeBob shows Squidward some pioneer tricks, such as hitchhike, eating coral, telling where culture is by looking at what steering moss points, and even driving rocks.

The everlastingly skeptic Squidward does not believe SpongeBob, but has to reconsider when he is run over by the somehow drive rock candy and he grabs on as they end up driving the rock all the manner to the customer ‘s firm. sadly, their travel did not pay off excessively well ; the customer gets extremely angry that he did not get the pop he says he ordered ( which he ordered but at that time, Mr Krabs put the call down ). SpongeBob starts cry ( and absorbs his tears ). Angered that the customer made SpongeBob exclaim, Squidward knocks on the door and puts the pizza into Tom ‘s mouth by viciously shoving it in his face. After the confrontation, the two force back to work, which ironically is alone a few feet aside, but Squidward is already very wear out from the long pizza delivery .

  • Dr. Kelp soda is a spoof of “Dr. Pepper.”
  • Korean people and people who know the Korean language would know what the boat’s marking says.
  • This is the only episode in which Krusty Krab Pizza is sold as well as the first time something other then Krabby Patties are served at the Krusty Krab.
  • If SpongeBob cannot drive boats why can he drive rocks? Obviously the pioneers may have had a different method for driving rocks than the hard impossible to succeed boating method of SB’s world.
  • Squidward’s line in the end is cut in many places in the world.
    • It also used to be cut in the USA.
    • This is due to “tentacles” sounding too much like another certain word.

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