Delaware Lake OH Fishing Reports, Map & Hot Spots

delaware lake fishing report

Delaware Lake is one of the best lakes in Ohio for anglers seeking good numbers and sizes of white and black crappie. Largemouth bass tournament fishing is popular and Delaware Lake is consistently one of the top 10 lakes in the state for bass tournament results.

Chain Pickerel – Learning How To Fish

when do pickerel spawn

Common Name: Chain Pickerel, a.k.a. Chained Lightning Scientific Name: Esox niger Appearance: Fading from dark olive at the top to pasty yellow on the bottom, with green blotches and black, serpentine markings on their sides, Pickerel are further distinguished by their scaly gill covers and a dark, vertical line beneath their eye. Distribution: Especially popular…

MSSA | Saltwater Sportfishing

maryland saltwater sportfishing association

(PASADENA, MD) May 4th, – The 26th Annual Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen’s Association (MSSA) 26th Annual Spring Tournament, Championship on the Chesapeake, ended on Sunday with 560 boats and nearly 3,000 anglers taking part in the fishing classic.

Kayak Fishing

kayak fishing for bass

BASS would like to thank David Morris an experienced kayaker and bass angler for writing this article. Before choosing a kayak there are several things to consider, your size and build, fitness lev…

Best Boats for Beginners

Choosing the best boat for beginners can be a simple process once you narrow down your preferences. Some of the best starter boats include runabouts, dinghies, aluminum fishing boats, fish-and-skis and more. Let’s find the right starter boat for you.

Fish Tales Store & Stories

fish tales lake anna

Fish Tales Store & Stories is the best stocked tackle and convenience store on Lake Anna for fisherman and boaters of all kinds. S…