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Nags Head Pizza Company 2021 Menu

Pizza Basics

10 ” ( Gluten Free Only ) $ 11 + $ 1.50/topping
personal size pizza, cut into 4 slices

12 ” reduce crust $ 11 + $ 1.75/topping
6 slices ; mix one-half and half with toppings or specialization pizza

16 ” thin crust $ 15.50 + $ 2.25/topping
8 slices ; mix half and half with toppings or specialization pizza
​ Bases :
red sauce, mozzarella tall mallow, pesto, bbq, buffalo

Meats :
pepperoni, sausage, grind beef, overact, house meatball, bacon, wimp, bean curd, vegan pepperoni

Cheeses :
extra mozzarella, ciliegine mozzarella, shaved parmesan, feta tall mallow, capricorn cheese, vegan cheese

Veggies :
fresh spinach, roasted broccoli, artichoke, roasted mushroom, yellow onion, red onion, green onion, rome tomato, bruschetta, green pepper, banana pepper, cayenne pepper, roasted red pepper, kalamata olive, black olive, basil, pineapple, chickpeas, rocket, fresh garlic

> > > sauce & cheese included unless otherwise specified < < <pizza near me, pizza delivery, southern shores pizza, pizza obx, nags head pizza, kitty hawk pizza bolshevik sauce, mozzarella, gypsy tomato, crimson onion, banana pepper, and half pepperoni


kitty hawk restaurants, kitty hawk pizza, nags head pizza, southern shore pizza, pizza delivery, pizza near me, restaurants near me Half cheese, half supreme hawaiian $ 13/19
ham & pineapple

kernel Lovers $ 14/20
pepperoni, blimp, & overact

Veggie Lovers $ 14/20
roasted mushroom, yellow onion & green capsicum

Supreme $ 16/22
pepperoni, sausage, yellow onion & green pepper

NHPC Specialties

Paia Bay $ 16/22
light pizza sauce, mozzarella, bacon, ham, pineapple, crimson onion & a bbq whirl

Manmaker $ 17/24
pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, ham, anchor beef & bacon

Ultimate $ 17/24
pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, blimp, chicken onion, green capsicum, roasted mushroom, black olive & banana pepper

Buffalo Chicken ( Hot ) $ 15/21
buffalo sauce, mozzarella, chicken, finished with ranch & chopped green onion

Hulk Smash $ 15/21
pesto sauce with mozzarella, house meatballs, roasted
mushroom & shaved parmesan

The Luau $ 15/21
mozzarella basis with bacon, pineapple, fresh garlic & ricotta

Pesto Chicken $ 16/22
pesto sauce with mozzarella, chicken, rome tomato, roasted mushroom & goat cheese

sausage Parmesan $ 15/21
mozzarella base, italian blimp, yellow onion, green pepper, finished with extra mozzarella, pizza sauce & grated parmesan

Meatball Parmesan $ 14/20
mozzarella free-base, sign of the zodiac meatballs, finished with extra
mozzarella, pizza sauce & grated parmesan

BBQ Chicken $ 14/20
light pizza sauce, mozzarella, chicken, crimson onion & bbq twirl

NHPC BLT $ 15/21
mozzarella basal, rome tomato, bacon, finished with bracing rocket & balsamic glaze​

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Vegetarian Specialties

greens Goddess $ 16/22
pesto sauce with mozzarella, fresh spinach, roasted broccoli, bean curd, fresh garlic & fetavegan pizza, vegan pizza near me, pizza kitty hawk, vegan near me, vegan kitty hawk, pizza near me, slice pizza obx, slice pizza, pizza delivery The Milky Way $ 14/20
mozzarella base with ricotta, shaved parmesan, olive oil drizzle, salt & pepper

Steve ‘s Jam ( Margarita ) $ 16/22
mozzarella base, bruschetta, ciliegine mozzarella, finished with olive vegetable oil, newly basil, grated parmesan, salt & capsicum

Farmer ’ s Market $ 16/22
mozzarella base with fresh spinach, roasted broccoli, roasted mushroom, yellow onion, read-only memory tomato, finished with an olive oil drizzle & grated parmesan

greek $ 16/22
mozzarella base with fresh spinach, kalamata olive, banana pepper, gypsy tomato & feta

The Upside Down $ 11/16
mozzarella base with a pizza sauce whirl & grated parmesan

The Kev $ 16/22
mozzarella base with fresh spinach, garlic, roasted crimson pepper, bolshevik onion, roasted mushroom, capricorn cheese, mho & phosphorus

​ Half Farmer ‘s Market, half Daily Dose

Vegan Specialties

Hayley ’ s Comet $ 17/24
pizza sauce, vegan cheese, fresh spinach, bean curd, banana pepper, gypsy tomato & roasted mushroom

daily Dose ( H ) $ 15/21
vegan cheese base, fresh garlic, chicken onion, pizza sauce whirl, crushed crimson pepper flakes, fresh basil, salt & pepper

Love Your Mother $ 15/21
excess pizza sauce, vegan pepperoni, loss onion, finished with rocket, light love oil, sulfur & p ( NO VEGAN CHEESE )Vegan pizza nags head, gluten free pizza kitty hawk, pizza near me, vegan near me, gluten free near me, kitty hawk pizza, southern shores pizza Hayley of the Hayley ‘s Comet enjoying a GF Hayley ‘s Comet


Hummus ( five ) ( GF ) $ 6
house made original or roasted loss pepper hummus served with assorted veggies and GF crackers

Breadsticks $ 3
six breadsticks tossed in olive anoint, south & phosphorus, parmesan, & served with sauce

Bruschetta $ 8
flat pizza boodle topped with chop tomato, garlic, oregano, basil, balsamic sugarcoat, olive oil, randomness & p

Dipper $ 9/ $ 13
flatcar pizza bread topped with garlic, olive anoint, mozzarella ,
parmesan, cut into sticks & served with sauce

Pepperoni roll* $ 4
pepperoni & mozzarella baked in pizza boodle & served with sauce

Veggie roll* $ 4
spinach, roasted red pepper, mushroom, mozzarella, garlic, sulfur & p baked in pizza boodle & served with sauceGluten free vegan hummus nags head Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Gluten free & vegan


House ( V ) ( GF ) $ 4/7/14
spinach, spring mix, greens pepper, cucumber, miniskirt heirloom tomato, yellow onion & spiralized carrot

NHPC Caesar $ 4/7/14
spinach, rocket, croutons, spiralized carrot, shaved parmesan, caesar dressing, s & phosphorus

Mozzarella Caprese ( GF ) $ 6/10/20
spinach, rocket, mini heirloom tomato, ciliegine mozzarella, balsamic glaze, olive oil, fresh basil, s & p

Mediterranean ( GF ) $ 6/10/20
spinach, spring mix, cucumber, mini heirloom tomato, kalamata olive, artichoke, chickpea, feta & tzatziki

The LB ( V ) ( GF ) $ 6/10/20
form mix, rocket, cucumber, heirloom tomato, crimson onion, kalamata olive, hummus, pumpkin seeds, olive anoint, south & p

Strawberry Goat Cheese ( GF ) $ 6/10/20
spinach, rocket, crimson onion, strawberry, pecan, goat cheese, gamboge viniagrette

Nags Head Pizza Company salad Entree sized salad

Build Your Salad

Vegan gluten free near me Spinach, chickpea, mini heirloom tomato, loss onion, banana pepper, roasted red pepper, spiralized carrot with balsamic vinagrette. Base ( V ) ( GF ) $ 7
spinach, leap mix, rocket, or mix of all

Veggies 5 included then $ 0.50/ea
fleeceable pepper, roasted crimson pepper, banana capsicum, jalapeno pepper, cucumber, roasted mushroom, spiralized carrot, miniskirt heirloom tomato, gypsy tomato, scandalmongering onion, crimson onion, green onion, kalamata olive, blacken olive, roasted broccoli, artichoke heart, fresh garlic, chickpeas, basil, strawberry

Choose dressing ( GF )
ranch, caesar, italian ( V ), balsamic vinagrette ( V ), tzatziki, balsamic glaze & olive vegetable oil ( V ), lemon viniagrette ( V )

Nuts/Breads $ 1
pumpkin seeds, pecans, croutons, two house breadsticks

Cheese/hummus $ 2
diced mozzarella, ciliegine mozzarella, shaved parmesan, feta tall mallow, capricorn cheese, vegan cheese, original or roasted crimson pepper hummus

Protein $ 3
chopped chicken breast, chopped ham, bean curd, vegan pepperoni

Surfin’ Spoon

Surfin Spoon, Surfin Spoon Nags Head Lemon Lavberry ice cream sandwich
made with organic ingredients The classical $ 5.50
cocoa nick cookie with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Dreams ( V ) $ 5.50
chocolate cookie with cocoa ice cream

Lemon Lavberry ( V ) $ 5.50
lemon sugar cookie with lavender blueberry frost cream

Macan ’ Pistach ( V ) ( GF ) $ 5.50
macaroon cookie with pistachio frost cream


Chocolate Chip $ 1.50
baked daily​

​ Chocolate Coconut Macadamia $ 1.50
baked daily​