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whether you are a sports angler or a casual kayak fisher, you need equipment that fits your fishing environment. the lowrance hook 5 fish finder/chart-plotter features the newest technology. it contains major upgrades that all anglers will love.

about the lowrance hook 5

lowrance hook 5 fish finder review | boat safe | water sports, product reviews, and nautical news

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the lowrance hook 5 makes fish finding easier with its fishreveal feature. this combines both the chirp sonar and downscan imaging technology. it gives a much clearer view of the underwater. thus, your targets are easier to find. its chirp sonar technology features the power of two chirp ranges. these provide a precise target separation and great noise rejection capacity.

another important feature that this device has is trackback and gps. the trackback allows you to revisit the previous
zones you went to. also, it helps you to easily identify ideal locations and fishing hot spots. the trackback feature is used together with its built-in gps antenna.

the gps provides a map of more than 3,000 bodies of water. it also allows you to create your map based on the recorded sonar logs. so, if you are looking for a device that does more than just fish finding, the lowrance hook 5 is perfect for you!

product overview

lowrance hook 5 is a compact device that features many functions. it includes enhanced sonar sensitivity and chart-plotting technology. unlike the previous models, the hook 5 chirp comes in a wider color palette. it has an autotuning sonar that automatically adjusts the settings. so, regardless of the fishing conditions, you’ll still get the best image.

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another feature of this product is the split-shot transducer. this allows a double coverage from both the wide-angle high chirp sonar and high-resolution images from downscan imaging. this is ideal for anglers who always want to get the best view of the underwater scene. additionally, the device also features advanced signal processing. it helps in filtering out signals from other finders that can interfere with your signals.

hook 5 has a high-resolution and 5-inches color display. this provides an underwater view with excellent quality. even in different conditions, it will provide an image with great visibility. this unit also allows multiple window displays. you can observe up to 3 data applications at the same time. plus, there are eight different layouts to choose from.

hook 5 also has a newer menu system. so, it will be easier for you to figure out the functionalities.  it will allow you to navigate the device according to your fishing style.

lowrance hook-5 further allows you to revisit a particular area through the trackback feature. this is great if you want to go back to your favorite location. its built-in gps antenna offers an easy and safe way of navigation. aside from providing a map of bodies of water, it also identifies shoreline and underwater structures. it is easier to avoid dangerous
zones because of its detailed guide.

its insight genesis live feature also allows map customization. you can either create your map or modify the ones that are already on the device. so, if you are looking for a unit with several functions, the lowrance hook-5 is for you! with its compact size, it is ideal for a small boat, kayak, and canoes. plus, it is very affordable!

key features

  • advanced signal processing reduces manual adjustments. it also helps filter out signals from other finders.
  • chirp sonar technology merges the power of two chirp ranges.  this provides excellent target separation and great noise rejection.
  • downscan overlay provides a clear view of fish targets. it exposes your targets by separating them from the surrounding structure. the overlay transparency and color palettes are also adjustable.
  • hybrid dual imaging that enables the combination of downscan imaging and chirp technology. it is great for a better underwater view.
  • trackback allows you to review and revisit the
    zones and location you previously went to
  • easy-to-use menu system for better navigation
  • built-in gps antenna that provides maps for more than 3,000 bodies of water
  • map customization that enables you to create your map or modify the existing ones
  • 5-inches, high-resolution and color display that gives a crisp and clear view of an underwater scene
  • multi-window display that allows you to view multiple data screens simultaneously
  • one year warranty and guaranteed by lowrance advantage service program


display resolution:  480 x 480

display size: 5 in or 127 mm

display type: 256-color solarmax plus tft

gps antenna type: internal high-sensitivity waas + egnos +msas

gps routes and waypoint storage: 100 routes and 3000 waypoints

plot trails: 100 trails with up to 10,000 points per trail

gps receiver channels: 16

maximum power consumption: 1.0 a

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sonar compatibility:  integrated: chirp, broadband & downscan

sonar frequency: medium / high chirp (83/200khz) 455/800 khz downscan, low/high chirp (50/200khz)

warranty period: 1 year full warranty

product depth: 2.5 in or 63 mm

product height: 5.4 in or 136 mm

product weight: 1.60 lbs  or 0.70 kg

product width: 6.9 in or 174 mm

lowrance hook 5 fish finder review | boat safe | water sports, product reviews, and nautical news

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