Lowrance Hook 3X Fish Finder Review – 2021 Complete Overview

lowrance hook 3x fish finder

main features

if you read reviews of fish finders, you’ll note that many anglers mention that high prices don’t necessarily equate to high quality. that is certainly the case with this fish finder. though it’s affordable, it doesn’t lack any of the key elements of an effective fish finder.

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through the use of downscan sonar, you’re able to see exactly what’s going on underneath your boat, as well as where the more murky parts of the water are. seeing where the fish are, is the most important benefit of fish finders, and the lowrance hook 3x delivers.

as for the screen itself, you’re provided with a three-inch led display that’s both colored and backlit. as for the sonar frequency, you can choose to toggle between 83 and 200khz to optimize the view beneath your boat.

dedicated buttons make navigating the dashboard of the unit a breeze, whether your hands are wet or not. the portable and light design of this fish finder make it easy for travel, as well as transport to and from the boat.

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what is the lowrance hook 3x best for?

overall, with its compact size and relatively shallow depth capacity, the lowrance hook 3x is best-suited for smaller vessel fishing such as canoes, kayaks, and others. the led-backlit color display makes this a good option for everything from dark early mornings to bright, summer days.

the lowrance hook 3x is best-suited for beginning anglers who are looking for a fish finder that is relatively easy to use and doesn’t have a ton of frivolous additions that would make the unit more overwhelming than helpful. reviewers on amazon also mention that this unit has a long lasting battery, making this a good option for anglers who are going on long fishing trips where they may not be able to charge the fish finder’s batteries.



finally, the easy to manage, smaller size of this fish finder makes it a solid option for both regular-sized boats and smaller vessels such as canoes, kayaks, and non-motor boats.


as for mounting the lowrance hook 3 to your boat, the quick release bracket makes removing your fish finder a breeze. the free-moving design makes tilting and adjusting the screen effective and efficient.


one of the major benefits of this fish finder unit is that it features downscan sonar to provide you with clear visibility where you need it the most: under your boat. the sonar produces both 83 and 200khz frequencies, with coverage of 60 and 20 degrees, respectively. the benefit here is that you’re provided with a wide angle of visibility.


another benefit of this unit is that your overall unit is functional without being over-the-top. many fish finders feature touch screens that are difficult to use when your hands get wet or when you’re trying to manage a few different tasks at once. but with its manageable screen size, dedicated buttons, and a back lit led color display, you get all the benefits of fancy touch screens without the unresponsive touch from wet fingers.


no traditional sonar

finally, though the downscan sonar provides plenty of visibility, this unit is missing traditional 2d sonar, which some anglers may be more familiar with.

only for shallower water 

first, if you’re fishing in salt water that’s deeper than 100 feet, you’ll have to go with another unit. the lowrance hook 3x is intended for fresh water that’s not too deep. so if you’re fishing off of a kayak, canoe, or other small vessel you’re in luck with this affordable option.

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no gps  

additionally, many other fish finders come equipped with gps, eliminating the need for a separate unit on your boat’s dashboard. the other benefit with a fish finder gps combo is that you’ll save money in the long run by combining two units into one. so without gps in this fish finder, you’re potentially spending a bit more if you’re needing a gps system too.

bottom line

overall, when you purchase the lowrance hook 3x, you’re getting an affordable fish finder that doesn’t lack any important, key benefits that a quality fish finder needs. though this unit isn’t well-suited for deep saltwater fishing or ice fishing, it is designed for more shallow fishing
zones that both the beginner and advanced angler can appreciate.

the downscan sonar provides you with the visibility you need to navigate to an area where the fish are at. the simple, dedicated button design of the lowrance hook 3x makes this unit both functional and easy to use. the bracket attaching the fish finder to the boat is secure, yet adjustable so that you can angle and maneuver the unit as needed.

the lowrance hook 3x is a no-frills option that is well-suited for both a beginning and advanced angler. with this fish finder, you’re getting a high-quality, well-designed unit that will provide you with years of efficient, successful fishing.

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