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DeMo’s Pizzeria & Deli Menu

The DeMo ’ s Pizzeria & Deli menu has far more than merely pizza ! We have an array of different homemade options that we are sure you ’ ll be pleased with. All of our salads are made with fresh produce that we get delivered daily from the local anesthetic Farmer ’ randomness Market. Veggies aren ’ t the only matter that we get locally each and every day. All our boodle comes from The Bread Shop daily a well, which is based out of Pittsboro, NC. We use all premium Boar’s Head meats and cheeses for all our cold delicatessen substitute and platters. The award-winning DeMo ’ s Pizzeria & Deli Steak Subs are something you won ’ t find anywhere else in the city. We take a slab of Black Angus Top Round beef and trim it, season it, and slow cook it in the pizza oven to a affectionate medium rare plaza for optimum spirit. pair that with some Boar’s Head provolone and yellow american cheese, along with fresh sautéed veggies, and you ’ ve got a bangin Philly Cheesesteak .
Our homemade marinara sauce is decelerate roasted on the stove exceed for 6 hours and goes hand in pass with our homemade ground gripe meatballs and fresh chicken parm cutlets for an extraordinary sandwich experience. We have besides recently added our homemade 7-layer Lasagna to our menu, which is a hearty helping stuffed with our signature meatballs and loaded with both mozzarella and ricotta cheese .
The award-winning Chicken Wings have become quite a staple with our customers. We use newly elephantine wings that we generously season and bake in the pizza oven to start the march. They are cooked and then cooled down and stored in refrigeration until they are finally deep fried and tossed in one of our amazing fly sauces that we prepare in-house daily. In addition to that, you most decidedly can ’ t leave out our homemade double batch Ranch dressing for premium dip .
The pizzas here at DeMo ’ s Pizzeria & Deli are most decidedly king when it comes to menu items. We combine fresh dough that is shuffle day by day correct here in our kitchen, with homemade blended pizza sauce, and bracing mozzarella tall mallow that is shredded directly off the block and immediately onto your pizza. Our pizza is a traditional handwriting tossed thin crust New York style pie with good the right sum of ingredients to give you that crunch and fold. We have a numerous come of forte pizza to choose from to fit all unlike personalities and cravings.

DeMo ’ s Pizzeria & Deli is decidedly an establishment where you can ’ thyroxine forget your after-meal dessert. We have to lead off with our signature New York style cheesecake that has cursorily rose up to be one of our clear sellers and crowd darling. We can ’ t precisely give you the details on the ingredients, but it is decidedly something you must try. The bus homemade Rice Krispy Treats have besides become a hot commodity with the different variations that we have been doing, with Oreo and rainbow sprinkle, to Reese ’ sulfur cups, or original, you ’ ra sure to find one that you ’ ll thoroughly enjoy ! We besides offer quarter pounds of Mama D’s Homemade Fudge, which is a celebrated family recipe that dates back over 100 years. last, but not least, grab one of our vanilla or chocolate cannoli’s !

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DeMo’s Pizzeria & Deli Menu
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