A Broke Girl’s Guide to Getting Free or Cheap Pizza

Pizza, taco and pumpkin spice lattes are the holy three of quilt food .
Since bum Taco Tuesday happens at most every mexican home, and we ’ ve already given you the scraggy on getting a cheap PSL, today is all about the pizza .

1. Get a free side or appetizer for your birthday month when you sign up for Papa John’s rewards program.

once you join the Papa John ’ sulfur rewards platform, you ’ ll earn one indicate for every $ 5 spent. You can cash in for rewards like free appetizers or desserts for vitamin a short as 10 points, a 20 % return on your money.

correctly nowadays you can besides score a spare boastfully one-topping pizza when you pay with Visa checkout, and Papa John ’ s basically always has two-topping extra big pies on “ special ” for $ 11 .

  • Price per pizza: $11 for an extra large.

TIP: Plus if you have T-Mobile, download the T-Mobile Tuesday app for a chance to win a free Papa John ’ s large one-topping pie, about every three months .

2. Earn 10 points for every order over $10 with Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards program.

You only need 60 points for a barren culture medium two-topping pizza. Plus, Domino ’ s offers a huge choice of their customer favs for entirely $ 5 each. The hack ? If you ’ rhenium ordering $ 50 worth of pizza, call and place five orders to get the most points from your purchase .

  • Price per pizza: As low as $5 for a large.

3. Get a free appetizer with any purchase, and free dessert on your birthday when you sign up for the Pizza Hut rewards program.

For every $ 100 you spend at Pizza Hut, you get a loose medium pizza. Plus, they regularly run $ 7.99 promotions for a large two-topping when you order on-line .

  • Price per pizza: As low as $7.99 for a large.

4. Papa Murphy’s offers three different classic one-topping large pizzas for only $5 each!

never decree at Papa Murphy ’ south before checking their web site for coupons. They have capital promos all the time, like buy one pizza, get a free fav pizza deals ; $ 10 for a large pizza on Tuesdays ; and they regularly offer $ 2, $ 3 and $ 6 off their pizza .

  • Price per pizza: As low as $5 for a large one-topping.

5. Costco has the cheapest price per square inch of pizza.

Want a no-brainer pizza cover without using a membership, rewards, or coupons ?
One Costco pizza is two inches bigger than an extra-large sized pizza at Pizza Hut. It ’ s merely $ 9.99, and you can order them to go .
We ranked the top five national pizza places on fully retail price of a jazz band pizza per sq column inch. Costco is the clear winner at about half the cost of any other chain :

  • Costco: $0.04 per sq. inch
  • Papa Murphy’s: $0.08 per sq. inch
  • Pizza Hut: $0.07 per sq. inch
  • Papa John’s: $0.10 per sq. inch
  • Domino’s: $0.09 per sq. inch

6. Search KCL for pizza coupons, and stock up on frozen pizza for as little as $0.75 each (or free!)

Who says pizza has to come from a takeout locate ? You can get some badly dear pizza in the frozen foods section of your grocery store shop, and score it even cheaper with coupons.

We ’ ve seen Totino ’ s pizza for angstrom low as FREE at Safeway, and only $ 0.75 at target this year. Okay, indeed possibly it ’ s not gourmet, but pair with Trader Joe ’ s two-buck Chuck wine and the new season of Stranger Things to make it a bum girl ’ night in .

  • Price Per Pizza: As low as $0.75.

7. Stack promos with discounted gift cards to get an instant 12% off your order.

Aim for an immediate 12 % off your pizza order by stacking a coupon with a discounted endow wag .
Discounted give cards can be used like cash, so you can still apply coupons and promo codes to bring down your total .
Check out these immediate savings on gift cards for four national pizza chains at Gift Card Granny :

  • Domino’s: 12.4% off.
  • Pizza Hut: 13.9% off.
  • Papa Murphy’s: 13% off.
  • Papa John’s: 14% off.

8. Get at least 60% off at local pizza joints with Groupon.

If you ’ re going local ( rather of a home chain ), check Groupon for discounts like $ 10 off any local Groupon. If that conduct isn ’ thyroxine running, Groupon about constantly has a 20 % off coupon, which you can find on their web site .

9. Get a $25 gift card for local pizza places for only $4 at Restaurant.com.

When you see Restaurant.com offering their $ 4 for a $ 25 endowment tease promotion ( which they run about four times a year ), be certain to stock up .
These deals are the best for local joints, though. If you ’ re looking to rate a pie from a national range, discounted giving cards + coupon codes + rewards are decidedly the way to go .



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