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Watch Our Videos and See Cobia Boats in Action Upcoming Events What Our Customers Say After looking at every boat in the 34ft range there was not one boat that felt as large as the 344 Cobia. Our Cobia is the perfect fit for our family. We wanted a boat that we could travel to […]

Best Way to Use a Gold Spoon for Redfish

redfish spoons

The gold spoon is one of the most popular, dare I say one of the all-time top three, lures for redfish. Hardcore redfish anglers count these simple, unimpressive appearing chunks of metal because they not only produce large numbers of fish but big toads as well. But there is a bit more to catching fish on a gold spoon

White Perch Bite Beginning

Figure by this weekend, and into next week for sure as a result of the warming trend and uptick in water temperatures, the white perch will start putting the raspy lips to blood worm and grass shrimp baits.

🏖️ The Best Sand Flea Rakes for Scooping Sand Crabs – Crabsman

sand flea shovel

Sand fleas, otherwise known as sand crabs or beach hoppers, are tiny crustaceans that live just a few inches under the sand in places where the ocean breaks on land. They’re quite abundant and fairly easy to spot by the ripples in the water as the tide recedes back into the ocean. What a lot … Read more