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Syracuse, N.Y. — It was a whacker of a err. Syracuse-based Carrols Restaurant Group, the largest Burger King franchisee in the nation, says it mistakenly gave a doubling discount rate on Whopper meals at its more than 1,000 restaurants during parts of the second and third base quarters of this year.

The error caused a decrease in tax income of approximately $ 12.4 million in the first gear nine months of the year, increasing the company ’ randomness net loss by $ 8.2 million during the menstruation, the party said. It reported this workweek losing $ 22 million on sales of $ 1.06 billion during the period. CEO Dan Accordino said Thursday the error occurred when the ship’s company was offering two Whopper Jr. sandwiches for $ 4, two Whoppers for $ 5 and two double Whoppers for $ 6. Customers were supposed to be charged even prices for the fries and drinks they ordered with the dismiss Whoppers but alternatively were charged lower “ value meal ” prices for them, he said. As a solution, customers got discounts on their Whoppers and on their fries and drinks, causing the restaurants to lose about $ 1.50 on each sale, Accordino said. “ We screwed up and it cost us a fair measure of money, ” he said. He said the company discovered the error in late August after noticing that its sales increases, driven in part by Burger King ’ s newly introduced plant-based impossible Whopper, were trailing those of early Burger King franchises. normally, sales at Carrols ’ restaurants exceed those of early franchisees, he said. once its prices were corrected, tax income immediately increased. They rose 7.9 % in September, compared with 4.5 % overall in the third gear quarter, and continued that momentum in October, the party said.

“ We screwed up, but the fact of the matter is, the underlying business is stronger than what our numbers reflect, ” interim Chief Financial Officer Timothy LaLonde told analysts in a conference call Thursday. The err reduced its tax income in the third gear quarter by about $ 8.3 million and increased its net loss for the quarter by $ 5.5 million, the company said. Carrols reported a loss of $ 6.8 million on sum sales of $ 402.3 million in the stern. The party ’ south livestock closed devour 12.3 % at $ 6.61 Thursday following its earnings announcement. Carrols has suffered a late string of quarterly losses caused in separate by higher commodity costs ( including a 10.7 % increase in gripe costs ), and higher engage and associate expenses. In accession to 1,032 Burger Kings, the party operates 61 Popeyes restaurants it acquired from Cambridge Franchise Holdings in April. Carrols employs 175 people at its headquarters on James Street and more than 27,000 people at its restaurants. Rick Moriarty covers business news and consumer issues. Have a question or news tip? Contact him anytime: Email | Twitter | Facebook | 315-470-3148

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