Burger King adding Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets nationwide, starting Impossible Nuggets test

Burger King adding Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets nationwide, starting Impossible Nuggets test

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Burger King launched its new Ch’King chicken sandwich to push itself into the chicken sandwich war. How does it compare ? Staff video, USA TODAY Burger King is making some changes to its wimp nuggets. Ahead of Halloween, the fast-food chain said it is rolling out newfangled Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets nationally and besides testing a chicken-free nugget. Burger King said Wednesday it will be the inaugural global quick-service restaurant brand to test the plant-based nuggets from impossible Foods, which besides developed the chain ‘s impossible Whopper that debuted in 2019. The impossible Nuggets will be tested for a limit clock time at blue-ribbon restaurants in three markets – Des Moines, Iowa ; Boston ; and Miami – starting Monday and available in an eight-piece order with a choice of a dim sauce. ►Save better, spend better:   Money tips and advice delivered right to your inbox. Sign up here ►McDonald’s McRib is coming back: here ‘s when the barbeque sandwich will be available nationally

“ This international relations and security network ’ t the first time we ’ ve teamed up with impossible to make waves in the industry, ” Ellie Doty, Burger King North America headman market policeman, said in a argument. “ then, it ’ s only fitting we ’ re the first global QSR ( quick-service restaurant ) to test the impossible Nuggets. We ’ re excited to hear what our guests in the test markets think of this latest invention. ” Burger King notes the nuggets are made from plants but “ cooked in the same vegetable oil as kernel and tall mallow products. ” Burger King is not the beginning chain to test a plant-based chicken. In 2019, KFC tested Beyond Fried Chicken at one of its Atlanta restaurants, which sold out in five hours. In early September, Impossible Foods announced its new nuggets would be carried by Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway and other stores by the end of September and at more than 10,000 grocery stores by the end of 2021 .

How to try Burger King’s spicy nuggets

The Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets are another limited detail but this item will be available at Burger King restaurants nationally. The nuggets are made with ashen kernel wimp and spiced with fiery ghost peppers. Members of the chain ’ s Royal Perks loyalty program get access to the blue nuggets in the BK app starting Wednesday before it debuts on Monday. Burger King says it ’ s the first time it ’ sulfur giving its members “ an exclusive first look to a brand-new menu detail, and it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be the last. ”

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