Burger King broke its promise of free-meals-for-life to Portland area customer, lawsuit claims

A Burger King in the Portland area has broken a promise to give a man release meals for life, a lawsuit claims. Curtis Brooner, 50, is seeking $ 9,026 — the estimate cost of Brooner eating one $ 7.89 Whopper meal a week for the following 22 years.

According to his lawsuit filed Tuesday in Multnomah County Circuit Court, Brooner was granted a life of free meals after he was trapped in a lock public toilet at the 2555 N.E. 238th Drive Burger King for more than an hour on Dec. 15. Brooner says he reeked of urine after he couldn ’ thyroxine get out of what he says was a fetid, confined outer space. “ It ’ s the kind of position where you hold your breath : Go in and get out of there ampere fast as you can, ” Brooner told The Oregonian/OregonLive on Wednesday. “ That wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate an choice for me. ” Burger King didn ’ triiodothyronine immediately respond to a request for gloss. According to Brooner and his lawsuit : Brooner had good finished a meal and stepped into the single-user public toilet. When he tried to leave, the lock on the door jam. After respective minutes of trying to get the door to open, he called the telephone number on his acknowledge. several employees responded, ultimately handing him a hard plastic-edged circuit board and subsequently a fly-swatter and instructions to squeeze it through the crack between the door and the doorway frame to move the locking mechanism. In the process, Brooner cut his hand, the suit says. A locksmith ultimately freed him. Brooner was humiliated as he heard employees and customers laughing on the other side of the lock doorway, the courtship says. Brooner was besides shaken to immediately leave the restaurant — and that ’ s when employees gave him a bandage and some cream for his cut and a director apologized and offered him a verbal promise that he could constantly eat there for complimentary, Brooner said. “ She said, ‘ Yeah, world. We understand it ’ s a atrocious situation and we want to make it up to you, ” he recounted.

even before the promise, Brooner said, he frequented Burger King closely every day because he enjoys the food and it ’ s just one expressway barricade from his work in Troutdale. He said after the free-meal promise, he ate there for unblock every day for the future 13 days, with the exception of Dec. 24 and Dec. 25. twice, he ate breakfast and dinner there on the same sidereal day, he said. But when he went in on Dec. 28, Brooner said, he was told “ district management ” had yanked the free-meal pledge. His lawsuit asks a judge to order Burger King to reinstate the promise or pay him the $ 9,026. The suit says the lock that trapped Brooner inside the public toilet appears to have trapped others inside before him because it “ showed signs of wrong caused by other people who had previously been locked inside the bathroom. ” The suit claims Burger King was negligent in not fixing it. “ They created an dangerous environment, ” Brooner said. “ person could have had a medical situation. You could have had a fatality. You could have had a child locked in there, person aged. They are lucky it was me. ” Court records show Brooner was convicted in 1994 of first-degree sexual maltreatment and first-degree sexual penetration for crimes committed in 1992 in Multnomah County. He was sentenced to about 6 ½ years in prison and a requirement to register as a sex wrongdoer, which he says is for life. Brooner said the convictions are 25 years erstwhile and he ’ s lived a law-abiding life with no convictions since then. Portland lawyer Michael Fuller is representing Brooner. Read the lawsuit here. — Aimee green agreen @ oregonian.com


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