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afford today : 11:00am-12:00pm
Monday11:00am -12:00pm
Tuesday11:00am -12:00pm
Wednesday11:00am -12:00pm
Thursday11:00am -12:00pm
Saturday11:00am -12:00pm
Sunday11:00am -12:00pm


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Accepts Credit Cards
Good for Kids
Price Point
$ $ – cheap Eats ( Under $ 10 )
$$ – Moderate ( $ 11- $ 25 )
$$$ – expensive ( $ 25- $ 50 )
$$$$ – very Pricey ( Over $ 50 )
Outdoor Seats

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Burger & Pizza Land - Hartford, CT Burger & Pizza Land - Hartford, CT Burger & Pizza Land - Hartford, CT
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Top Reviews of Burger & Pizza Land

3.5 stars – Based on 23 reviews

review_stars 01/13/2022 – MenuPix User

12/11/2021 – MenuPix User

12/08/2021 – MenuPix User

11/16/2021 – MenuPix User

08/20/2021 – MenuPix User

08/12/2021 – MenuPix User

06/04/2021 – MenuPix User

review_stars 02/14/2021 – MenuPix User
If one can rate it a 0 stars I would. They are ill-mannered and aweless specially the guy that answers the phone to take your rate. He yells at you then hangs up if you do n’t answer right aside. Plus they ‘re food takes long to arrive and it be cold. Do n’t order from them ! ! ! ! !

01/23/2021 – MenuPix User

review_stars 10/30/2020 – Elsie
I love burgerland

09/11/2020 – MissKeisha
I travel from EastHartford to Hartford for Pizza ! The beat pizza in Hartford county ! The food taste and quality stays reproducible ! ! !

review_stars 06/04/2020 – MenuPix User

09/15/2018 – Susan
It Convenient and I enjoy

06/03/2018 – Michele T
Order pizza from hera. Wife and kids love it. Super fast delivery. normally decree when kids are athirst and we do n’t have time to cook .

03/03/2015 – Monique
I order @ 9:46 autopsy 3/3/15. I told him delivery pls. I called back @ 10:46 autopsy to ask when it would come. The man said ohio u did n’t give him your # & the driver gone. so he asks what i ordered. Im saying to him, if you did n’t make it never judgment. He said no no i make it fresh. I said oklahoma. Waiting, waiting, waiting. 11:40 driver comes, my son gets the food. Some of the food is missing indeed iodine call the place back. No answer. They close @ 12. indeed one called the driver, he said call them. I say you guys for got food. I paid over $ 30 for this food, it was 2hrs late, & the steak & cheese mill SUCKS. No flavors, the peppers were bombast, the steak was blah, oh wheres the tall mallow guys ? ! Will never orderliness from here again & i will tell everyone i know not to rate fro here .

06/08/2014 – Mille kid hd
Mannnnnn they food right and they drop off ditches what ‘s better than that huhhhhhhhh … ..

03/09/2014 – Ms.Ross
The very first time I had ordered from here it was go estimable and they were right on point with delivery and I had received bang-up customer service … This is a great Pizza restaurant to rate from I highly recommend this place …

12/31/2013 – l.muff
SO DISGUSTED … … made a $ 40 order, my food was cold and my order was wrong. They failed to get my order correct, leaving out certain items and giving me items that were never ordered. Upon receiving my food and realizing it wasnt compensate, I then called the restaurant in attempt to have my ordain corrected. They insisted on telling me what I ordered ( which was completely different from what i ordered ) and preceded to tell me goodnite. AND not only was my regulate messed up but my food was overdo and messy. I WILL never ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN AND I DEFINITELY WONT BE RECOMMENDING THEM TO ANYONE ELSE

01/03/2013 – close to hme
Ordered a boastfully pizza .the pizza place is 3 mins in delivery took them an hour in 40 mins to get here.I called 3 times and they said the food had already ultimately got her cold and very over cook .needless to say I was not glad at bugerland is close to hme and this what happens .Not good ! ! ! ! ! !

03/05/2012 – damara
ur food is the best

09/23/2011 – constance leslie
Their pizza is ummmmummmm good ! ! ! I was pregnant and they delivered all the way to the south end for me ! ! ! Thank you

12/02/2010 – Ross Stone
Best chicken grinders in the 860 !

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