I think Jenna was telling the truth when she named her blog: “Jenna Loves Science!” Actually, not really. I think her true love is teaching science to elementary students. It should be: Jenna Loves Science Education.  OK, not so catchy.

I have enjoyed her wicked clever blog which includes an anecdote that I haven’t seen written about enough: when a teacher encounters a former student who is now teaching. A teacher’s blast from the past!

Jenna has a lot of enthusiasm for teaching and especially for Science4Us. I researched Science4Us which is an early elementary science curriculum with over 500 offline activities and 350 online online interactive digital ones.  Plus an amazing indepth and convenient teacher support program.

Science4Us is also popular with the homeschool educators. In fact, the market leading Time4Learning uses Science4Us for its early education program.  And the program is listed on several leading homeschool sites on their science education page:

Homeschool.com’s Science Programs

Secular Homeschool Science – I thought I’d quote some from the Secular HS site since it’s wicked interesting:  The threads that get viewed most often on our forum here at SecularHomeschool.com often have to do with secular science curricula…looking for it, bemoaning the lack of it, begging for input on finding it. In the past, secular homeschoolers have been underwhelmed by the available offerings in the science curricula arena. 

However, in recent years, several new secular homeschool science options have come on the scene making it not nearly so difficult to find a homeschool science program that will work for your family. I thought it might be a good idea to spotlight some of the newer curricula as well as the tried and true programs that are available, so you will have a centralized place to start looking.