I’ve been reading and I saw an interesting article about 2nd grade science education. One key point is that the same curricular materials are available in both schools and for homeschooling. Another interesting point is that teaching elementary teachers how to teach and some basic science is the critical step in building a strong US Science education pipeline.


There were also some great pictures that made the article since they showed the teachers and the students each going through the same learning process. So cool! Teachers as learners!

And I cite:


The Science4Us elementary science curriculum provides hands-on science experiences that can changed a person’s life. Most students today get a very limited science education in early elementary.  However, increasing numbers of schools and homeschoolers are reversing this and providing an exemplary science educational experience to their students with Science4Us.

Hands On Science – Teachers as Students

When Science4Us teaches teachers how to teach science they will take the students (who are teachers) through one of the 28 science modules just as if they were students. This really works for them to see the benefits and the aha moments that their students will have.  They too go through the experience of the 5E Instructional Model for elementary science.