It would seem to me that since we all have pets, we would have a routine set of intelligence tests to determine the intelligence of our dogs.  I’m convinced that my beloved white dog is pretty but really dumb. Her name is Emy.

I have another smaller dog, Bella, who is also a shitzu. I think she is a little brighter.

Neither dog is anywhere near as intelligent as the dog that I had years ago named Lady.

But, this is just my impression, how would we test?  Here’s a post on dog intelligence:

Dr. Hare and his team have developed 9 intelligence profiles for dogs, which are:

  • Ace: Ace accounts for 10% of all dogs. Aces are excellent problem-solvers with top-notch communication skills.
  • Charmer: The Charmer profile accounts for approximately 16% of all dogs. Charmers have excellent social skills and are able to read your body language effectively.
  • Socialite: Socialites are social butterflies with excellent communication skills and account for 22% of all dogs. Socialites may not possess excellent problem-solving skills but they do know how to get what they want.
  • Expert: An expert dog has a strong memory with sharp problem-solving skills and account for approximately 7% of all dogs. Expert dogs tend to be more independent and rely less on humans.
  • Renaissance Dog: Renaissance dogs are extremely attentive; they account for approximately 12% of all dogs. Renaissance dogs are reliable and possess traits from all of the other categories.
  • Protodog: Flexible and spontaneous, protodogs account for approximately 15% of all dogs.
  • Einstein: This accounts for approximately 3% of all dogs. Einsteins have an incredible memory and excellent problem-solving skills. Einsteins are essentially the ‘rocket scientists’ of the dog world, but they struggle socially.
  • Maverick: Approximately 7% of all dogs are considered “maverick,” or very independent problem solvers.
  • Stargazer: Accounts for approximately 8% of all dogs. They are commonly seen as aloof and often struggle both socially and with training.

Dognition also an approach to test dogs intelligence.  They have science-based games that assess 5 core dimensions of your dog’s cognition — empathy, communication, cunning, memory, and reasoning.