I have often thought about creating a course which focuses on bicycles. Most kids learn to ride bicycles and they love them. Embedded in the bicycle, there are a lot of interesting lessons that I think could help.

I’d start with the pictures of the old bicycles.  I might even get one. I’d get everyone to think through the problem of speed, wheel circumference, and why those old bikes really didn’t work very well.

I think this would engage them. There are lots of interesting engineering idicussions about why bicycles which are 2D stay upright.

I’d then move to the endineering of modern bicycles and how gears change ratios. Interesting math and engineering. Something to think about. There must be some great tool kits, either in simulation of mechanical, where kids can practice controlling force and figuring it out.  Anybody developed this course before?


Modern Bike

This is such a good idea, I’ll start researching it and maybe, go for a bike ride!