The last two years have been marked in STEM by the emergence of robotics and coding as massively popular educational programs.

What an understatement, robotics, game programming, and coding haven’t just emerged, they have charged through the STEM landscape and pretty much stolen the show, upstaged all the other aspects of entire curriculum, and pretty much sucked the oxygen out of the room.

Just a few years, student gardens were all the rage and science teachers were studying the draft version of NGSS but now, it’s all about the robotics and coding.  Is it a good thing? It must be because there’s a resurgence of interest in science and its trendy in way. It’s great if you happen to think game programming, robotics, and coding are gateways to….well, general science curriculum and education.

I do wonder about the core curriculum, take for example,  Matter

  • Materials and Mixtures
  • Observing Matter
  • States of Matter
  • Changes in Matter