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It seems that the emphasis on building core skills in US public schools has a cost.  Schools have committed themselves hard to making reading and basic math an area of competency which means they have doubled up on intense instruction. Seems like a good idea. But….

What have they dropped?  Recess, art, music, science, and social studies.

Does that matter? I’d like to focus on science. and the naswer is OF COURSE IT MATTERS. It’s a well documented fact that many students pick an area of interest in early elementary school which they pursue for a lifetime in one form or another.  If students only get a rudimentary exposure to science, there will be less interest and career pursuit of science.

How to get more students studying science and more teachers teaching elementary science? I’d suggest that what they need is a really good science program such as  Science4Us.  A Finalist for a 2014 DAA  Whole Curriculum Package for Science, it focuses on the earliest grades: