Three facShinas 9-26-13ulty members at Leslie University keep 


a blog called the Digital Toolbox: Valerie Harlow Shinas, Leah Van Vaerenewyck,  and Barbara Steckel.    
They wrote a Leslie 

BarbaraU blog post about VocabularySpellingCity which was developed by the same team that developed Science4Us.  In fact, VocabularySpellingCity didn’t get as much attention as it deserved in 2012-13 since the team was focused on Science4Us.  However, they are now moving back and users can expect more significant functionality and aesthetic updates in the year ahead on the VocabularyCity site.

Their blog post reviews the basic functionality and cites many of the correlations.

(Note to self. On next visit, be sure to introduce them to Sciefus, our Science Character)