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your smartphone cannot bait your hook or cast a line, but it really can help you get the catch of the day! thanks to the latest ai technology, marine industry data and expert weather forecasting, these 11 fishing apps give australian fishers the most relevant and helpful information to assist you in planning your next fishing excursion.

get all the data you need from weather conditions, fish identification, guaranteed fishing spots and much more. this list includes fishing apps for both iphone and android phones.

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1. fishbrain

$us9.99 per month – apple/android

the fishbrain app is used by 10 million fishing enthusiasts who have caught and logged their combined 8 million catches. the app has a real community vibe where you can chat to other anglers about great locations, what bait to use and share your next trip on the app’s calendar function.

11 best fishing apps in australia 2021 | oneadventure

2. fishing forecast – fishbox

$au6.99 per month – apple

fishbox analyses the weather, tides, sun and moon position and many other environmental factors to help app users to best determine when and where to nab a big catch.

3. tide times au

$free – apple

perfect for locals and tourists alike, the tide times iphone app shows you the tide times, first and last light times, sunrise, sunset and moon phases for over 3,200 locations nationwide. better yet, it works offline so if you find yourself out of range you can still analyse the forecasted fishing conditions.

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11 best fishing apps in australia 2021 | oneadventure

4. goodfish australia

$free – apple

goodfish is a fishing app with a message. developed by the australian marine conservation society, the app works as a sustainable seafood guide, so fishermen can make ocean-friendly choices out on the water. the guide uses an easy-to-follow traffic light system. green means it’s a good choice, amber means eat less of this species, and red basically means to put it back.

5. willy weather

$free – apple/android

drawing data from the one and only weather source, the australian bureau of meteorology, this app gives detailed knowledge on wind, rain, swell, moon and tide forecasts to help you plan your fishing adventure and prevent anglers from getting caught in uncooperative conditions.

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6. fishing knots

$free – apple/android

this super handy and completely free app gives on-the-spot tutorials on cover knots, braids and hooks. helpful when you’re in a jam and need a trusty knot to save the day!

7. catchability fishing app

$free – android

this app was created with the help of australian marine biologists to help the local fishing community find the ultimate catch. upload your pictures to share with other enthusiasts and rank on the weekly leader board!

8. fishing points

$free – apple/android

found an epic fishing spot? use this app to pinpoint the spot on a map and share it with others (if you want to give away your secrets!). it’s fishing forecast feature will tell you the best fishing spots to go to based on its advanced fishing activity algorithm.

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11 best fishing apps in australia 2021 | oneadventure

9. australian boat ramp finder

$2.99 – apple/android

you may have your next fishing trip planned, but do you know the logistics of where to head out from? download this helpful app to access detailed maps and lists of public boat ramps all around australia. users are constantly adding their boat ramp knowledge so the database can only grow from here.

10. navionics boating app

$au34.99 per year – apple/android

11 best fishing apps in australia 2021 | oneadventure

super-handy app developed by garmin. great for accessing detailed nautical charts to navigate your way through the waters using your mobile phone or a gps system. the app will highlight shallow areas which is great for large boats, and also share a variety of fishing ranges.

11. angler’s log

$free – apple/android

it’s the simplicity that makes this relatively new fishing app a real winner. the angler’s log app is basically a fishing diary that lets you record all your catches, where you caught them and what bait you used. it’s ideal for documenting the most successful catches and how to repeat them on your next trip. you can even share directly to your social media… if you are feeling generous!

new fishing apps are being released every year in australia that can improve your fishing experience. these are 11 of the best to check out in 2021 but keep an eye on the app stores for new releases!

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